Earn crypto with BetFury

Earn crypto with BetFury

So, what is BetFury and how do you earn crypto with it? Well it is an i-gaming platform where you can play a variety of games and at the same time also generate passive income.

How does the system work?

The passive income is generated while playing on the platform. You are rewarded with BetFury Game Tokens as you play which can then be staked in order to receive daily passive income in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, TRON, USDT and BitTorrent. At the time of writing this post you will earn 1 BFG for every 0.00008299 BTC that is played through the system on in-house games. A minimum of 10 BFG is required to start staking.

Over time the mining price of BFG will increase making it more difficult to mine them. At the time of writing the next price increase will happen at a 50 000 000 BFG and is standing at 2 416 266 currently. BFG is also periodically burned.

Games BetFury Offers

BetFury offers a variety of games like slots, table games, live casino and in-house games. All of these are great, but we enjoy the in-house games they have more by far. These in-house games include Keno, Dice, Mines and more. Now if slots are more your thing then you have loads to choose from on the platform. Slots also has an added benefit of a lower BFG mining price at 0.00002949 BTC per BFG.

Cashback System

Further benefits with BetFury includes a cashback system where you can get up to 25% of your money back. The percentage varies depending on the rank of the user and starts off at 2% as a Novice. The more you play on the platform the higher you will rank and the higher your cashback percentage will be.

So, this is how the platform works. Fancy giving it a go? Head over to the website and sign up for an account and start earning daily dividends.

If you need help buying your first Bitcoins then please click Here for info on how to do that on Binance.

Geomining with CoinApp

CoinApp Main Screen

Launched early in 2019, COIN enables you to mine COIN tokens wherever you go with your mobile phone and lets you interact with other geo-miners. We bought the XYO Geo-mining kit from the get-go and started geomining with CoinApp, earning some XYO tokens.

You can now buy the Sentinels separately for $50 each from the XYO shop. Having a sentinel that connects to the CoinApp allows you to get bigger mining rewards. COIN also offers a free sentinel, you just need to pay the shipping costs. Check it out here: https://coinapp.co/free/

So, now you can go ahead and download the COINApp from your AppStore and create a Free Basic account. You can also choose to sign up for one of the subscription plans. The most popular plan is the COIN Plus at a cost of $24.95 per month. You don’t need to have Sentinels when you are on this plan. You will receive the same amount of rewards and in addition, get twice as many Big Geomines and mine twice as fast.

Have a look at the plans here: https://coinapp.co/plans/

We redeem XYO for the COIN we mine and HODL them in a Trust Wallet. You can, of course, redeem Bitcoin, Ethereum or merchandise for your COIN as well.


So why not try Geomining with the COINApp today. Earn some crypto while having some fun.