CryptoTab: How to mine Bitcoins with your browser

CryptoTab Browser

What’s the concept in a few words? Download the CryptoTab Browser, mine while you are browsing the web, and earn some Bitcoins!

CryptoTab is the first web browser for Bitcoin mining. The more powerful the processor (CPU) of your PC is, the more efficient the mining will be. As long as CryptoTab is running, it will mine Bitcoins.

There are many advantages to this browser:

  • It is the easiest way to earn passive income from mining.
  • It is more efficient to mine via this browser than another plugin.
  • The extension can be used on all devices where Google Chrome is available.
  • The mining intensity does not decrease if the computer goes into sleep mode.

The browser does not directly mine Bitcoin but instead, it mines Monero. This cryptocurrency is more suitable than Bitcoin for CPU mining. The mined XMRs (Monero) are then converted into Bitcoin.

Unlike other plugins, CryptoTab launches its own browser; the interface is extremely close to Google Chrome. It is also possible to easily import your preferences, bookmarks, etc. Many plug-ins identical to those of Google Chrome exist.

It allows you to mine Bitcoin faster, up to 8 times faster than using the plug-in! It is also worth mentioning that the browser is available on smartphones.

Besides that, you can join the referral program, where you can invite your friends, promote CryptoTab Browser through social media and earn extra money (the referral program includes up to 10 users’ level).